Dan Bennett

Dan’s experience in the HVAC industry expands over 15 years. The knowledge acquired during his time in the trade has made him very efficient in all aspects of the field. Each customer Dan visits is greeted with a smile and is given top tier diagnostics and repairs. Like all of our technicians, a visit from Dan to your home or business will leave you confident knowing your comfort is in good hands.

Cole Bennett

Cole’s multiple years in the HVAC industry have made him very proficient in all aspects of the field. With a heavy focus on service and maintenance, Cole is the driving force behind our residential maintenance program while also serving as a service technician. With a visit to your home or business from Cole, you can expect top tier indoor comfort.

Mike Bennett

Mike started in the HVAC industry 20 years ago and laid the foundation for what Bennett’s HVAC Services is today. While building the business, he implemented the principles all of our technicians follow today – honesty, professionalism, and craftsmanship. Focusing mainly on sales and service, a visit from Mike to your home or business will put you on a path to perfect indoor comfort.

David Bennett

David’s experience in the HVAC industry has driven him to become proficient in multiple areas of the HVAC industry. An extremely well rounded installer, David possesses a keen eye for minor details that make a world of difference in looks & performance of HVAC equipment installation. Like all of our technicians, David is not just limited to install. Service and maintenance are also key aspects of the HVAC industry that David is efficient in. A visit from David will leave your home comfort in tip top shape!

Bridget Bennett

Bridget has been our dispatcher for well over five years now. Acting as our “first line of service”, she is extremely proficient in deciphering what our customer’s needs are and what technician is best for their home. Bridget is always there with a friendly voice whenever any of our customers call in.

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